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fRANK mEyer

Frank Meyer - Photo

Meyer has played in Long Beach Latin-punk band Blind House, OC political punks The Anti-Virals, GayC/DC spinoff band The Dobermen, biker metal supergroup Angus Khan, UK punks Anti-Fashion, and has played/toured with Cheetah Chrome, Sylvain Sylvain, Wayne Kramer, Deniz Tek, Cherie Currie, and jazz legend Bob Dorough of Schoolhouse Rock fame. He is also a frequent collaborator/session guy/co-writer with Warrior Soul (NY), Shameless (Germany) and the City Kids (UK). 


The Dobermen - Group Photo
It’s All Lies

Angus Khan

Angus Khan - Group Photo
Copyright Alison L. Beier
Big Balls
Mr. Living Dead
Silver and Green
Angus Khan at the Jingle Jam 2010

The Anti-Virals

The Anti-Virals - Photo
Devo Was Right


Blind House - Group Photo
California Sound


Don’t Take Me For Granted (Lyric Video)
Machine Gun Blues (Demo)

And check IMDB, LinkedIn and Frank’s YouTube channel for the many, many TV shows he has produced, directed and scored.