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Trading Aces Storm Spain!

Trading Aces

My European-based band Trading Aces released out debut album, Rock ’N’ Roll Homicide, on Ripple Music and hit the road for our first tour ever, 3 weeks in Spain! The band is a “supergroup” of sorts featuring members of Warrior Soul, The City Kids, Shameless, Wolf and lil’ ol’ me, with members located in Copenhagen, Spain, Sweden and, of course, Los Angeles, CA! The tour was a huge success and we’re planning another one by the end of the year to hit the rest of Spain. Meanwhile, we are already working on our second album, with the idea that we’ll do a full European tour in 2024 to support it. An animated music video for the third RnR single, “Beautiful Sunday,” will be out soon. Stay tuned.

Here’s the two music videos so far, both of which I directed:

Check us at IG @tradingaces_band

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